Consider this an invitation to join me as we behold the loveliest, most breathtaking and exquisite sight in the universe – the radiant beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ. And may our hearts begin to burn within us until we become the lighthouse on the cliff, steering the lost into safe harbor from the approaching storm.

This site exists for the purpose of revealing the glory, majesty and excellencies of Jesus Christ and in doing so helping people rise to their highest calling. After all that He has done – and is still doing – to redeem us from destruction, it’s the only just thing that can happen. Having discovered that one glimpse of Him is enough to alter the course of a person’s life, the goal is to offer people that glimpse. And may the sight of His overwhelming goodness inspire some of you to spend the remainder of their lives seeking the Pearl of great price.

So the objective here is simple really. It is to present inspired truths that cause us to see and hear Him more clearly which results in greater faith in appropriating all the wonderful things the Lord Jesus purchased for us. My prayer is that the brokenhearted would be restored, the sick in body would be healed and the smoldering wick of a heart grown cold would be reignited as the anointed word of God comes alive and active in our hearts. And wouldn’t this bring glory and honor to the One for whom all things exist?

Several months ago the Lord spoke three words to me and they were “feed my sheep.” I long to be faithful to that command and so this site was birthed with that purpose in mind. “What shall I feed them,” I wondered. “You shall feed them the Glory of my Son which will cause their faith to soar, allowing me to express my glory in the earth,” He answered in the form of a knowing. “Revelation of my heart is their nourishment. Who I am, what I have done for them and who they have become in my Son is what they need. Most of my people have an identity crisis and are suffering and fruitless because they are not established in their new identity. They are not possessing their land because of ignorance. And these are the things you shall feed My sheep,” He answered in the most compassionate tone with tears welling up in His eyes.

I must warn you, dear friend, there will probably be things here that you disagree with or find offensive. This is not unexpected since we all see things through a slightly different lens based upon our experiences and personal walk with God. And if that happens to you, I hope you come back so we can sit down a while to discover the things we agree upon.


Scott Patton has no college degrees worth mentioning; holds no impressive leadership positions and can’t lay claim to any great achievements except that the Holy Spirit and the word of God burn within his heart. Nevertheless, he resides in Florida with his lovely wife, Sandra and two brilliant boys, Aaron and Georgie. Since he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Scott’s mom decided a paintbrush in his left hand and a pencil in his right hand would have to suffice. Beginning his winding journey from a small town in Oklahoma, he eventually settled in Florida..

Born-again in 1988 in Norman Oklahoma, Scott wandered in the wilderness for the next 19 years. Fortunately, this would produce sufficient humility for him to seek the ‘promise land.’ So he packed up his sprawling estate into a U haul trailer in hopes of finding this “land flowing with milk and honey.” What he found there was something far more valuable than he imagined. MORE SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS! But the Lord once again proved faithful as the afflictions were mercifully converted into fuel for seeking Him! Now here we are after experiencing wave after wave of God’s grace and wanting nothing more than to see the Lord Jesus exalted and His beautiful people established in truth -Welcome.